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Our Daily Bread

Daily @ approx. 6:20 am, RPT: Daily @ approx. 4:20 pm

A thought for the day

Hosted by Les Lamborn

A production of RBC Ministries


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A thought for the day - helping millions of people around the world grow closer to God and be in His Word each day.

Throughout the day, in countless locations and in dozens of countries around the world, Our Daily Bread is read by millions of people. And for every person who opens its pages, one thing is always true: It points to the joy of a relationship with Jesus Christ and the timeless wisdom found in God’s holy Word.

Our Daily Bread radio is a daily audio program that features insights from the pages of Our Daily Bread. Each daily thought is designed to draw the listener into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and to evoke responses of worship, love, trust and obedience.